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Learn the basics of the most popular NoSQL database and how you can use it to quickly build full-stack applications.

MongoDB logo (Credit: Syed Zainul)

Released in 2009, MongoDB quickly rose to popularity among developers due to its ease of use while still being able to perform complex functions. While many other companies offered NoSQL database systems before MongoDB, they proved ineffective and failed to take market share away from their SQL counterparts. Today, MongoDB…

How can the government keep affording multi-trillion dollar stimulus checks and how long can they keep it up?

Stimulus check illustration (Credit: Derek Major via blackenterprise.com)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment rates have skyrocketed during March and April. While the economy has certainly recovered over the past nine months, many companies are still on the verge of bankruptcy. Oil and travel companies were probably hit the hardest by this disaster. For example, Boeing had to…

Build your first GraphQL API using Node.js and Apollo.

The GraphQL logo (Credit: Aaron Ortbals)

Released in 2015 by Facebook, GraphQL has offered a new, promising alternative to the traditional REST API. Since then, many companies, including GitHub, Shopify, and Intuit, have adopted GraphQL into their ecosystems. While REST APIs might not become obsolete soon, GraphQL is quickly gaining popularity and love from many developers…

A team of engineers at Stanford University have created an airborne sonar system that “bends” light and sound to map the ocean floors.

The PASS uses both light and sound to map the ocean floor (Credit: ArbabianLabVideos)

Five percent. Only five percent of our home planet’s oceans have been explored. This is because it is far easier to send a human to space than it is to send one to the depths of the ocean. Traditional SONAR devices have attempted to solve this problem. Using sound waves…

Learn how to download, setup, and run Node.js on your computer.

Summary of the use-cases of Node.js (Picture Credit: Simform)

In this tutorial, I will be walking you through the steps needed to start building apps with Node.js. I assume that you already know the basics of JavaScript, but if you need a refresher, sites like the MDN documentation and W3Schools are great places to review your knowledge.

What is Node.js?

Released in…

The next-generation consoles are finally here, but one question still remains — which one should you buy?

Xbox Series X vs. PS5 (Picture Credit: Reginal ShelbyFlickr)

The holiday season is finally here and many companies are releasing their new products as always. But this season, there’s something more special: this season marks the release of the next-generation consoles.

In this article, I will be covering some of the major strengths and weaknesses that average people will…

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